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Blue Garden

binkie van es
11:43 08 May 19
Had dinner there with friends and it was fantastic. I had a mux of picana and lambchops and specially the lamb chops were excelent. Coctails good and staff very friendly. You have an option of grilling your own at the table but we did not fo that
Sumit Roy
00:00 19 Apr 19
Excellent Brazilian pizzas, and one of the few places on the island where the bartender knows his stuff.
Mack Hucks
11:48 07 Feb 19
It was a very different kind of meal as we cooked our own beef at the table. Enjoyable atmosphere and the staff was excellent. Prices were about the same range as other restaurants we visited in Bonaire. We split a dinner and it was plenty for us.
Joe Anderson
15:29 19 Jul 18
Attentive and friendly staff. While we were there they had a two man band playing. They weren't too loud and set a fun, comfortable mood. The bartender's dog hung out on the sidewalk outside the restaurant and waited for her owner to get off work. Very sweet. My wife and I both had pizza. They weren't real big. I ate my whole pizza, my wife ate half of hers. Simple, tasty but pricey. I would've given 5 stars if we had not paid $60 for 2 pizzas.
Stefano Barbier
21:11 13 Jul 18
Great food and good service. The meat was very tasty and was brought out raw thinly sliced along with a cast iron grill pan. The side of rice and tomato salsa were also very tasty. There was loud live music which made it hard to talk to others at the table but I know that’s how it always is so I’m not docking any stars for that. I didn’t try the pizza but I it looked like there were some incredibly creative options. Don’t expect any Italian style pizza though.
02:38 22 Jun 18
Great food and great service! Meat combos are very delicious. Went there several times. A bit pricey.
Joe kle
18:22 18 Feb 18
Great food good service and very friendly. Definitely looking forward to going back on our next trip.
Nicole Boyers
23:50 15 Feb 18
It was good. But way overpriced. Brazilian meat combo was decent, juicy, fun to make at your table on hot grill. Disappointed the lionfish and shrimp pizza, the size of a dinner plate, was $38. It really is WAY over priced when lionfish is local and pizza is small for one person. Pizza place just down the street has lionfish pizza for more reasonable price.
Kristy Brown
16:45 13 Oct 17
When you dine here, you feel like family! The owners allowed us a peek through the kitchen to see how their one of a kind pizza is cooked. It was wonderful! Then, we feasted on perfectly marinated beef cooked on a grill at our table. Divine!
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Try the most delicious, all natural beef from Brazil called PICANHA, grilled to perfection on a traditional charcoal barbecue.

Ingridiënts Restaurant

02:00 09 May 19
Food was ok. Service was satisfactory.
Troy Nichols
16:45 27 Mar 19
We were lucky enough to get a seaside table on Valentines day during our recent vacation and found the experience awesome. Look at the sunset in the photos and you can appreciate the beauty. The food here was very good and I found my steak to be mouth watering and tender, It was aged in salt water. The shrimp we ordered was also very good, the meal was all together good and this is a must stop for a fine dining experience during your vacation. I found the prices very reasonable and the service top notch. Our waitress was the best, very friendly and right on keeping our drinks full. This is a must stop, we truly enjoyed ourselves.
Adam bublitz
02:43 26 Mar 19
The entrees were good, but not that special in comparison to the other great restaurants available. The service was way too slow.
Stefano Barbier
17:35 15 Jul 18
We got the tuna 2.0, eel and scallop, sous vide red snapper, and pomegranate desert and each dish was very tasty. This restaurant separates itself from others on the island with its gastronomic take on cooking (sous vide, foams etc). He open kitchen allowed us to see the kitchen staff in action and there was a lot of time taken on playing and presentation. I was very impressed with the kitchen itself. From my table I could see a brick oven and a small big green egg. The waitress we had was extremely friendly and hospitable.
John Wheby
21:44 19 Apr 18
Great food and excellent service. Really liked the amount of vegetarian items on the menu. Awesome atmosphere.
Tiny Crietee
11:57 31 Mar 18
The ambiance is v erry good. The serving is also good.we have an v erry and a nice evening.that was mine meaning. 😊😊
David Lesley
03:16 14 Mar 18
We were 6 people and had a reservation so no issues. Great food, table right beside the water. No delays in food delivery in Feb 2018. Must try is the parmesan pasta with truffles cooked inside the cheese wheel. Aside from it tasting great the presentation is spectacular as it is flambe. Not a cheap restaurant but worth it for that special occasion. However, beware you could end up beside a table with cigarette smokers.
Beverly Martis
02:31 14 Aug 17
Everything was lovely from beginning till the end. Starting with the cocktail I ordered, a local cactus liquor (Cadushy) topped off with sparkling wine and lime was delicious and very Bonairian! All the way to the 43 liquor infused dessert. Major hospitality points should be awarded to the waitress who showed me exactly how to make the Cadushy cocktail!I'm definitely going back for some more cocktails & treats. P.S. The view is to die for!
Amalia Hilderbrand
15:15 08 Aug 17
Excellent food and service. We had the special dinner option which included lionfish. We had never had it before and it was soft and buttery. I had the lamb and it was cooked perfectly. The views of the ocean are also wonderful.
Mary-Jane Obispo
15:47 03 Aug 17
For a delicious steak, Cozy and romantic restaurant on Bonaire, Ingredients is the BEST.They also have delicious Pasta.
Yuqiong Zhou
13:30 16 Oct 16
Tried the special game dinner on our first day of arrival - tomato soup with beef meatball, grilled duck, croak pot wild boar, with the locally produced Bonaire blonde beer. Food was cooked well and aptly flavored. The view of the water (west side of Bonaire) is of course beyond words.
Chicago Diver
02:35 25 Sep 16
Truffle pasta Parmesan is amazing. As are the seafood entrees. Lion fish if you're lucky. Atmosphere is relaxing and relatively upscale but we were in shorts and tee shirts and were not uncomfortable.
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Our focus is to use local fresh ingredients with dishes inherent to the Mediterranean cuisine, using the basic principles of French, Spanish and Italian cooking

Rum Runners

Simon Bonaire
13:42 10 Jul 18
Beautifull place to enjoy dinner. Youll sit on a cliff and in the water you will see big fishes in the water!
Zach Timmons
23:18 15 Jun 18
Good food. The quesadillas were really good! I did have an empty water glass for most of the visit, and nobody came to refill it.
Suzanne Miladin
14:49 07 Jun 18
Simply the best bar b que we have had anywhere! Claire, Flores, and the rest of the team have put together an amazing and diverse menu. The ambience is wonderful; outdoor seating overlooking the water with tiki torches. Kelby, at the bar, is not a bartender. He is a culinary genius! He creates unique drinks from scratch that are fantastic! Best drinks our family has had anywhere in the world! If you go to Bonaire, you need to go to Rum Runners!
Theresa Lieb
13:14 21 May 18
Always fresh and made to your liking. Reasonable prices and very friendly staff.
Ian Kaplan
21:01 11 Apr 18
Rum Runners is the restaurant at Captain Don's Habitat Resource. The restaurant is located on a large concrete patio that is right above the ocean. My wife says that she thinks that they have the best hamburgers on the Island. They have a variety of other dishes, ranging from pizza to fajitas. The prices are reasonable and the service is friendly. This is a great place to go when you're in the mood for a good, simple, reasonably priced meal.
Patrick Chaney
20:21 10 Mar 18
Pizza is stone cooked and thin. It was hard and overcooked twice. Moderately high in cost without added value. Restaurant separate from resort so you have to have separate credit card imprint, mc or visa to have account there. Can pay final bill with am ex. Many places on island not taking AMX.
Mirko Wächter
21:27 05 Feb 18
Great view, good prices, average food, service a little slow
Guus Meijer
21:58 18 Jan 18
Great place for breakfast. Astonishing ocean view.
Edwin Peterzen
17:33 16 Dec 17
Their private stoke rum is the best!
Alan Clegg
00:49 24 Aug 17
Great restaurant on the grounds of Capt. Don's Habitat, but not related to the resort.Good, reasonably priced food served by friendly and helpful staff. I'm looking forward to coming back and I've not left yet!
Amalia Hilderbrand
03:32 16 Aug 17
Great views and a lively bar. Service was quick and friendly. The food was average. We had each of their special menu items: carrots soup, dorado, and steak. Carrots soup was very good, but the steak was rather bland.
Matt Baker
14:40 04 Jul 17
Good is great. The sunset views are spectacular. Come for the food, stay for the sunset, stay later for the Tarpon.
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Rum Runner’s Restaurant is oceanfront dining at its best. The experienced chefs and waiters in this idyllic setting ensure that all meals are a true pleasure

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