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Italy In The World

Linda Mckenna
10:52 12 May 18
WOW! Fantastic restaurant and the food was all amazing! Wine oh the wine....This is a dont miss if you love pasta. One of our favourites in Bonaire for sure.
John Wheby
21:27 28 Apr 18
This restaurant was one of best we visited while in Bonaire. The owner was able to get us a table as a "walk-in" on a very busy Friday evening. The food is amazing, the service was excellent and the wine cellar type of atmosphere made it very romantic for a last dinner for us on the island. The owner is an Italian expat, so the food is authentic, well portioned and presented with all of the wines served coming from Italy. This experience (Yes! Our meal was so good that I will call it that) is a bit pricey, but totally worth splurging yourself for.
Cynthia Long
12:00 09 Mar 18
Enjoyed the excellent service and good food. Drank and enjoyed the house red wine. Visited this restaurant twice on our short vacation. Our last visit I enjoyed the creamy pea soup with scallop. My main dish mushroom tattaliani (spelling?).
Guus Meijer
00:06 25 Jan 18
Great Italian food and the wines are exceptional! This restaurant is for fine dining!
Cindy Carlsson
23:50 20 Jan 18
Lovely food beautifully prepared in a very intimate space. An amazing wine selection at good prices and attentive service round out the evening. Highly recommended if you are seeking wonderful authentic Italian food at a reasonable price.
Karl Wagner
00:05 05 May 17
Stunningly delicious Italian restaurant with wine distributor and club along with top notch service. Set inside a refurbished house and office, there are several intimate rooms with dining tables that give you sense of having a private chef and wait staff - even though it's a full restaurant. The wine list is world class and not be missed. Smoker Marlin, truffle ravioli, Bolognese, etc. Better than what I had in Rome.
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If you want to have an unforgettable dinner don’t miss the pairing menu at Italy In The World, a 4 or 5 courses meal pairing wines of the best Italian producer.

La Terrazza

Jimmy Polcaro
00:14 17 Jul 18
Great Italian food and exceeded my expectations. There is no menu because they get fresh food in and it changes every day. A course with a glass of wine is $12 and a course without is $7. Definitely should try if in the area.
Kate Butler
19:00 11 Apr 18
Our favorite restaurant on Bonaire! My husband Ian and I live on Bonaire, and enjoy eating in the many wonderful restaurants here on the island. La Terrazza is truly exceptional. The food is fresh, imaginative, beautifully presented on the plate, and changes often. We come here at least once a week. The service is impeccable, and the owners and servers are friendly. Their beers and wine list is extensive, and my husband loves trying the various beers. (Even one with chocolate in it, like a dessert beer!) (The only problem with La Terrazza being so perfect, is that we now have to make a reservation anytime we want to go, but we are happy to do this to have their wonderful meals. ) We bring every visitor here and everyone loves it.
Ian Kaplan
19:37 13 Mar 18
My wife and I have been to La Terrazza several times. The restaurant is unique. There is no menu. They ask you what you don't like or can't eat. Then they bring you small plates until you tell them to stop. The small plates are like tapas, but have a wide variety depending on what the chef is cooking that day.La Terrazza is a great restaurant to visit with your friends. The courses come over time, you can talk and catch up. The restaurant is located on Kaya Grandi, which is the main street in downtown Kralendijk. You can eat, talk and watch the world go by.La Terrazza has a great selection of Dutch beers that are designed for food pairing. They also have a wine pairing option for the small plates.My wife and I have had great times at La Terrazza and I look forward to visiting again.
Andrew Hassell
02:10 08 Mar 18
Very different type of dining experience, more of a chefs selection. I was not disappointed. A little pricey by the time I decided i was done but it was very satisfying. They will keep bringing you food @ $6 a plate $10 with wine pairing until you say no more.
Emma L
16:58 28 Dec 17
Every dish we had was unbelievable. Tell your waiter what you don’t like, or you are allergic to, and the meal will be perfectly tailored to you. Every wine pairing had so much thought put into it. Only here for 7 days and we absolutely plan on going again!
IJdo Dijkstra
19:49 11 Dec 17
Great and sometimes surprising dishes, witg excellent wine pairings.
Doug Backwell
04:36 25 Nov 17
I was a little sceptical when I was told they don't have a menu. Reason being is they change the meals every few days.They serve by the course and also include wine pairing if you wish.Each course they serve gets better and better with flavours oozing from each dish.I think you can tell from the pictures I have added they they love the work they do!I will definitely be returning to there tables for another meal.
Sergio Tixi
01:43 23 Nov 17
Great food....especially salty and sweet cakes.... great wine....great service!!!
Ted Loomans
22:00 11 Oct 17
Super kitchen and real food !! Ted
Camille Naylor
13:34 26 Sep 17
Wow what a great concept, love it.The food is delicious and they are very receptive to vegetarians and vegans. It is a surprise every dish that arrives and when you are too full for more food just say so. The wine pairing with the meal is a great value and each wine is explained (region, grape etc) in detail. Such great service, thank you, will be back again this week !
Hugo Pesman
03:04 03 Sep 17
Love the wine with food pairing concept. We had a wonderful journey of different wines with amazing italian food. Thanks to gabriel for this experience. Remind me of a visit to milaan 10 years ago.
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La Terrazza is a bar and restaurant for Food & Wine lovers. Drink a nice glass of Wine, Talk, Enjoy; take a Bite and most important: be Happy

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