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Club Trocadero Bonaire

Daniel Francees
00:43 16 Apr 20
Very good food. Its fun to talk and chill.
jeff g.
14:48 11 Mar 20
Very nice setup with Caribbean vibe. Good music. Food very average for the meat. Also having a European owned restaurant still service plastic straw is disconcerting
Ken Galea-Strausak
02:33 15 Feb 20
Very nice-the food was surprisingly good and the staff were friendly and helpful.Nice atmosphere,even though the live band need a better singer...prices very reasonable
Robert McIntire
17:47 07 Jan 20
Had a great lunch here while in Port. Tokio chicken sandwich and taco salad were fantastic! Not your average sandwich and salad - amazing flavor. Bar service was great. We would definitely come back!!
Kitty Hall-Thurnheer
02:46 06 Dec 19
This is a new restaurant and they are offering very good specials. We had a fantastic $10 dinner pasta, plus a good lunch sandwich. Nice day and evening ambience. Beware: They don't put alcohol in their drinks, so order wine or beer!
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Club Trocadero Bonaire on the boulevard of Bonaire!! The place where you can go daily to enjoy delicious food, great drinks and fantastic music.


Allison Dubner
22:18 15 Sep 19
I truly cannot say enough good things about CHEFS Bonaire. We stayed at Bamboo Bali (where the restaurant is located) in June and were lucky enough to eat at CHEFS, which had opened just a couple weeks earlier. Unlike many other restaurants, CHEFS did not seem to have any of the issues that often plague new establishments--our evening there was perfect. The restaurant has a single seating each evening at 7:00 p.m. and the eponymous chefs, Han and Mark, are there to greet you with a glass of champagne. The restaurant is quite intimate and seats guests surrounding the open air kitchen. The seating layout provides guests with the opportunity to observe and converse with Han and Mark as well as close interaction with the other diners.The food is spectacular, even for an island with a number of fine dining establishments. Mark and Han serve a lovely 5 course meal (with an exceptional wine pairing) that is curated based on availability of ingredients and embraces a wide range of cuisines and cooking techniques. Particular favorites from our dinner were lightly smoked Wahoo with a seaweed salad and Scotch Bonnet mayo, Asian-style pork belly with plantain chips and pika, and Canadian beef with chimichurri.In addition to having dinner at CHEFS, we also had a couple breakfasts prepared and served by Han and Mark (available to guests at Bamboo Bali). This was a lovely (and generous) European-style breakfast with charcuterie, a variety of baked goods, yogurt, fruit, hard boiled eggs, coffee, and fresh-squeezed juice. Definitely a great way to start the day!
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Let the Chefs take you on an adventure where they listen to your needs but will surprise you all the same.

Sebastian’s Restaurant

Eric Guy
10:55 15 Jun 19
Excellent food- had the Calamari as an appetizer and Corvina as the main. Both were fantastic. We sat at the table at the end of the pier. Make sure to call ahead and reserve it. The dining experience was first class. Awesome sunset to go with.
James Martin
17:43 28 May 19
Atmosphere is wonderful and seemed like there is not a bad table in the house. Our service was good not excellent but waiter was attentive and helpful with suggestions and answering questions. Food was OK. Our table had Red Snapper and a Pasta Dish. Also can get a little buggy but small price to pay for the view while dining.
Henk van Tijen
02:07 03 May 19
Don’t order the oysters!Beautiful setting right at the sea shore.Oysters were served luke warm, without ice and dry. (They should be served on ice, cold and with fresh salty water). When asked for new cold ones, they served basically the same oysters again....The chef did not even come to our table to discus, surprisingly. Rest of food was okay, but nothing more. Setting is beautiful.
sanne nieuwenhuizen
08:06 27 Apr 19
I went on Sunday, that's their Italian night. It's very busy on that night, so you probably need to make a reservation on time (ask if you can be seated at the waterside). The pizza was great, with a thin bottom. And the passion fruit mojito was one of the best cocktails I had on the island. If you're there at rush hour your food might take a while to arrive, so you're gonna need some patience.
01:03 06 Jul 18
Just had a fantastic evening here with my wife. The views are wonderful with the waves crashing on the rocks just below the tables. A school of fish was periodically jumping and skimming across the water to escape some unseen predator. The food and drinks were excellent, as was the service. It may be a bit pricey for bonaire but for about 100 dollars we ate an ap, two main dishes and desert as well as 4 drinks and a bottle of water. That is pretty cheap for the quality of food and atmosphere.
Zach Timmons
00:24 15 Jun 18
The place is nice with good views and stuff. Stuff is a little pricey tho. 12 dollars for one piece of teramisu. The food was pretty good.
Josh Timmons
00:02 15 Jun 18
It was good food but expensive and great view.
Holly Baldwin
11:54 07 Apr 18
The setting is beautiful. Prices are high and portions are small. Overrated. It gets 3 stars because of the atmosphere.
Joe kle
18:26 18 Feb 18
We made last minute reservations and was offered a fantastic seat by the water. Service was great and wait staff was very friendly. Our meals were very delicious and would definitely go back again.
Jack Faller
23:46 05 Feb 18
Terrific view of the sunset unobstructed by cruise ships. Very good food and service. Sunday nites feature pasta & pizza. Other nites international fare
Ian Kaplan
14:40 31 Jan 18
My wife and I first visited Sebastian's during Bonaire's "Restaurant Week". The location is gorgeous. The restaurant deck is built out over the reef and we were able to watch the sun go down. The food was very good and the service was excellent. We have since returned to Sebastian's and each time was very enjoyable.
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Sebastian’s is situated on a location overlooking the ocean and has a very special way to present the secrets of International food with a Mediterranean touch

Foodies Bonaire

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John Mitchell
18:16 10 Jun 19
Great food. Great staff. Great views. A Must! !!
Michael Thwaites
21:45 24 May 19
Food service and great ambiance. Great staff. Caring.
Ben Zet
01:24 28 Mar 19
Superb food for adequate price. Very nice atmosphere with a view on the windsurfing spot (we've been there 3 times during our 2 weeks windsurfing stay on Bonaire) usually for lunch. They really love food and you'll feel it. Try tuna (in all ways) and shrimps & scallops salad. Delicious 😎
Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks
21:04 23 Mar 19
One of our favorites! Always great food. Amazing views and wonderful atmosphere. Great place for lunch or dinner. It is worth the drive.
Joan Smit
11:55 08 Mar 19
The only reason it did not get 5 stars is because of the women's restroom. Needs a lot of maintenance that could be solved in a day's work. Food is fantastic, the ambiance improves with each visit, unusual selection of beers and wines and the staff is stellar!
Zach Timmons
00:22 15 Jun 18
Great food. I had a tuna sandwich. Probably the best I’ve ever had. The people there are so nice! A must stop.
Josh Timmons
23:55 14 Jun 18
It was great. They let us in 20 minutes before they had opened because we hadn’t known which shows you how nice they were. The food was amazing!!! They had the best burgers some of the best I have ever tasted. Overall: great food and reasonable prices.
Roald van Loon
20:58 24 Apr 18
Really great restaurant! It's a bit out of the way, but definitely worth it. Excellent views, great service and some of the best food on the island. We will go back here for sure!
Alisha De Matos
23:59 05 Apr 18
Great food with an amazing view! My boyfriend and I randomly stopped here for lunch; the burgers were delicious and the fries were unreal. Service was also good!
Annabel Muscarella
12:37 05 Feb 18
Excellent service and a gorgeous view. I enjoyed the sunset here.
Douglas Wood
12:07 30 Jan 18
My 27yo son and I stopped for lunch at Foodies after a morning exploring Lac Baai. We were greeted warmly; afforded a comfortable wicker seat on the porch with a view East to the Bay. Our experience was nothing short of incredible - far exceeding our expectation. We went with the fresh catch - tuna. You can see from the picture that the preparation and creativity are both exceptional, as was the service throughout our relaxing lunch. Food: exceptionalService: exceptional
Guus Meijer
23:55 25 Jan 18
Food is good. Had lunch here once and dinner once. Service is good.
Eric van de Keuken
00:44 14 Dec 17
One of the best places on Bonaire for lunch and dinner (coming from someone who just arrived on the island.......18 years ago)
Jordan Lapekas
18:00 28 Nov 17
Best place for lunch! Great food and beautiful views. Best fish sandwich I've ever had!
Bart Bartlett
17:44 22 Nov 17
We went for lunch on a weekday. Service was SLOW. Food was good and the view is awesome. Just don’t come here if you want to eat in less than 90 minutes.
Edward Maatkamp
21:17 10 Oct 17
Fantastic food and place for rest. Nice people. Beautiful vieuw.
Robert Soer
06:56 24 Sep 17
Very nice cozy ambiance with good food and a gentle breeze, ample dancing floor and nice bar.Professional and friendly service.
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Foodies Bonaire is located at the east side of the island, with a stunning view over the blue waters of lac bay


Alexander van Rossum
19:03 07 Jun 19
Great food & drinks. Good coffee. Feels like home, we loved it!
Stephanie Marchena
14:54 28 May 19
This place has a really dutch vibe! It’s super cool, you’re actually at a local home near the beach. Super authentic! The food was delicious and healthy! The owner is really sweet, her name is Monique and she came to greet us. My husband and I came here everyday during our stay. Don’t mind the filter😂 and we stayed at the airbnb at this place. There is literaly a stair that goes in ocean.
Michael Thwaites
14:20 22 May 19
Great food great service. Fabulous people. I have enjoyed. Been back over and over.
Amber Harnett
00:00 04 May 19
This place is delicious! We had the Bonaire Dutch pancakes and they were amazing. Perfect blend of flavours and textures! Would highly recommend to anyone - we will be back again (tomorrow)!
stephen roche
03:31 03 Jan 19
Had a great breakfast. The staff was very friendly
Solaica Pietersz
21:11 10 Nov 18
This place is amazingNice waitress to help you alwaysPlace to be
Alex Johnson
18:03 20 Oct 18
Lovely staff, excellent food and deserts!
El Spruce
03:26 29 Aug 18
The best fresh food I had in bonaire
Whiskey Bravo
19:54 20 Aug 18
We just had lunch here while walking around town. What a fantastic place! The food was fantastic and service was prompt and courteous. The sandwiches were huge, like that of Carnegie Deli in NYC. We will return.
Dagny K Punkt
18:20 03 Apr 18
Pretty good restaurant with it's lovely owner Monique. Loved the breakfast! If you are a fan of avocado this is the place to be 😊
Michiel de Wit
15:08 02 Apr 18
Nice and elegant place to go for some coffee with (lovely) apple pie or a continental breakfast. Nice and cool.
Michiel de Wit
16:12 27 Mar 18
Great place for coffee and some lovely homemade apple pie. Lovely people!
paul Turner
20:34 10 Feb 18
Lovely breakfasts served with style and care, great coffee and friendly and helpful owner and staff. Our favourite place for a breakfast treat 😀
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Boudoir is a downtown breakfast and lunch spot in the middle of kaya grandi. Enjoy our breakfast, sandwiches and other delicious meals we serve.

Krispy Chicks & Burgers

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Neka Vis
13:08 11 Jun 19
Decent food, low costs.
John Maduro
17:30 16 May 19
Good food & Services.
Johan Thode
03:32 28 Apr 19
It's my own account
Kevin Crocker
15:57 29 Mar 19
Great food! Great conversation!
Grace Simply Grace
17:56 27 Dec 18
Exito is e very good and affordable place for breakfast, lunch and or dinner. I personally LOVE the Sushi. From a good wine up to a delicious dessert. 5 well deserved stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Paola Valerio
18:48 29 Aug 18
Best soul food in Bonaire!
Gabriel Touw
01:09 16 Aug 18
Nani Shot
11:41 23 Jul 18
Dalia Exito
15:32 25 Jun 18
Fresh food. Every day different menu. Good portions & very well priced. Very good value for your money.
Larry Lozuk
11:30 14 Jul 17
Solid place to eat. The burgers were good and the fried chicken crispy and delicious. Service was good.
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Breakfast, lunch, Krispy Chicks & Burgers. Fresh baked bread filled with eggs or salads. Warm lunch buffet. Burgers, fried chicken and fries.

Exito Buffet & Grill

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Neka Vis
13:08 11 Jun 19
Decent food, low costs.
John Maduro
17:30 16 May 19
Good food & Services.
Johan Thode
03:32 28 Apr 19
It's my own account
Kevin Crocker
15:57 29 Mar 19
Great food! Great conversation!
Grace Simply Grace
17:56 27 Dec 18
Exito is e very good and affordable place for breakfast, lunch and or dinner. I personally LOVE the Sushi. From a good wine up to a delicious dessert. 5 well deserved stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Paola Valerio
18:48 29 Aug 18
Best soul food in Bonaire!
Gabriel Touw
01:09 16 Aug 18
Nani Shot
11:41 23 Jul 18
Dalia Exito
15:32 25 Jun 18
Fresh food. Every day different menu. Good portions & very well priced. Very good value for your money.
Larry Lozuk
11:30 14 Jul 17
Solid place to eat. The burgers were good and the fried chicken crispy and delicious. Service was good.
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Located in the town center every evening Exito offers “All You Can Eat” spare ribs, fresh sushi, nigiri’s and sashimi’s” with live entertainment on weekends.


Erik Kamp
22:54 08 May 19
Good coffee and friendly staff. Nice seating outdoors and indoors.
Kamran Razvan
22:44 11 Jan 19
Love this place. After a day of scuba diving, nothing beats a nice cappuccino and little brownies with great service, not to mention great sunset.
Gilberto Lira
18:57 21 Jul 18
Excellent coffee and ice cream. Only one elderly female evening ice cream employee have to be moved to back of the house. Bad attitude and service
Vladimir Sudimac
12:33 05 May 18
Great location and fast wifi.
Aleksandar Sasa Lukic
16:04 28 Feb 18
Best coffie on entire west indies, tasty snacks
Neale Sheneman
18:24 05 Jan 18
I had a great espresso here!
Sergio Tixi
02:54 05 Jan 18
Nice place....nice staff....nice for italian people is not fantastic. Good coffee brand good coffee machine but coffee is too cold....
Volkan Aginlar
19:36 23 Nov 17
Great coffee and local pastries. AC and WiFi, right in front of the cruise terminal. Very convenient.
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Luciano stands for a traditional fresh product that is freshly prepared every day. We work with the most modern ice machines and pure ingredients

Cuba Compagnie

Erik Kamp
22:53 08 May 19
Lovely place with a great atmosphere to have a meal with a small group or maybe with just the 2 of you.Food is of good quality and big portions. Not to expensive either.
Timothy Welnetz
09:53 28 Apr 19
My wife and I visited twice within 3 days. Food was delicious the first time with a great atmosphere. Staff was friendly and service was quick. Our second visit was not as nice. Still fast and friendly staff, but food was just ok and my chicken Sate portion was way too much. Also a smoker nearby and more loud people so the atmosphere suffered.
Ry Guy
12:56 24 Mar 19
Great staff and fantastic personal service. Good really nice and we had catch of day 2 x we visited. Sat in courtyard and recommend reservation as place is full on nights that it is open. Enjoy...
Sharon McElrath
12:13 21 Mar 19
We went here with the expectation of great Cuban food. Looking over the menu, they had Cuban coffee and one Cuban dish. We were disappointed. We decided to have drinks (which were good), and an appetizer (which was also good), and left. So, 3 stars because the app and drinks were good, but no authentic food.
Tania Harper
03:14 12 Mar 19
Wonderful service, great location, and the food was delicious! I had the Super Sate and the flavour in the peanut sauce was amazing. Highly recommend eating here. Drinks were also lovely.
Neka Vis
22:56 17 Nov 18
A bit more viarity in music on Thursdays would be nice. Please Find a DJ with a better taste in salsa.
Jans Kersten
01:17 17 Nov 18
Really nice place. Friendly staff and good food. Nice vegetarian dish and good wine.
Eric van de Keuken
10:39 24 Oct 18
Great food for fair prices. Nice location and nice atmosphere
Ard Ooms
10:43 27 Aug 18
Very nice restaurant at a beautiful spot in Kralendijk. Menu is a nice mix of fish, seafood and meat (and some vegetarian options). Friendly and good service. Food is very good and served in a fun way. Highly recommended to visit !
Jimmy Polcaro
14:21 18 Jul 18
Nice place to eat and there is a lot of outdoor seating available. This place gets very crowded at night so it is better that you come earlier than later. There is a lot of Cuban food but there are also a lot of other options on the menu.
Eric F
21:10 15 Jul 18
One of the best restaurants and night clubs on Bonaire. If it's busy the service can get a bit slow
Sonia Kim
12:11 15 Jul 18
Great atmosphere, and solid consistently good food. This is our second visit here. Our first visit was over two years ago, and the food was just as good then, so the management runs a tight ship. Friendly service. Generous portions.
Oscar Arts
11:51 11 Jul 18
Nice place good food
20:58 05 Jul 18
Lovely patio dining. Good food and friendly service
Ian Kaplan
18:29 28 Apr 18
Cuba Compagnie is located just Queen Wilhelmina Square, in downtown Kralendijk. The restaurant servers a range of cuisine, from pastas to Cuban influenced dishes. This is a great place to get together with friends during one of Bonaire's many festivals. The photo below was taken during one of these festivals.
Simon Bonaire
03:34 21 Apr 18
Good food, bistro, nice meat dishes, fish, en vegetarian!🐟🐄🍅🍨
Sam Garber
02:51 13 Apr 18
Try the Ceasar salad but stay away from steak tartare.
Bud Grohs
02:09 10 Mar 18
Outstanding food! Don't miss it! Went there twice!
Nicole Boyers
11:01 15 Feb 18
This place is awesome. Awesome food and service. Lively. Going back for Thursday night Latin night.
Raymond Rouse
14:01 31 Dec 17
Awesome food and drinks. They really know what to do with local ingredients and classic Cuban cusine.
Kelly Herrera
01:20 21 Dec 17
Most al the time it's super fun in here and the most awesome day in cuba is on thursday because is jueves latino and it's suuuuupeeeeer fuuuun i AM from Perú and i like jueves latino
Derryn Zwart
20:00 11 Dec 17
Great place! Staff was kind and fast. The diner was also great! It can be busy so make a reservation.
Linus Torvalds
03:44 06 Nov 17
This looked like it would be more if a bar place than about the food, but the steak tartare was excellent, and the fries were hot and fresh and crunchy. Recommended.
Martin Daniels
05:07 28 Oct 17
Excellent food! We try to come here every time we visit Bonaire.
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Eat + Drink + Party! Welcome at Cuba Compagnie on Bonaire! Cuba Compagnie is a place to meet, to talk, to laugh and to dance.

It Rains Fishes

14:18 05 May 19
very nice service. fresh food. go with fish not meat. they take reservations.
J Hinton
13:45 21 Apr 19
Food is good. Service is pretty good. Dishes can be hit or miss, but the staff tries hard and they’re accommodating.
Stephan Caïtucoli
22:35 19 Apr 19
Great food and very friendly service. However they could improve efficiency : took one hour to get our meals. I would warmly recommend, however.
Sharon McElrath
12:17 21 Mar 19
We went here based on a local's recommendation. So glad we did. The atmosphere was great, the food even better. The service was quick and professional. Watching the sun go down in this restaurant was just a wonderful experience.
Steven Hines
15:11 29 Dec 18
We had a nice Christmas dinner here. We had a great view of the sunset and the small harbor. The restaurant itself is nicely done and attractive. Service was attentive and friendly. Our catch of the day was slightly overcooked, which may have been due to the rush of diners at their two-seating Christmas dinner. Our salads were good but the other sides (mixed vegetables and potatoes) were uninspired. Overall a good meal with a great view.
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A modern restaurant with a beautiful view over the Caribbean Sea, ideally located on the boulevard in the center of Kralendijk

Brass Boer

Naomi Kranhold
17:31 08 Aug 20
We had the most amazing dinner at the Brassboer last night. It was the showcase of the new menu and it was so delicious! We loved everything and great service
cuppatea pete
00:46 08 Mar 20
Amazing food! Amazing service!! Well worth a visit highly recommend! Also good wine and a good price
Olivia Barbier
00:06 09 Feb 20
One of the best dinner views/vibes on the island. Fancy, yet casual... romantic, yet family oriented... great plating, fantastic food. Fine dining experience... If you like exploring interesting, boujee restaurants, this is a must go! If you want to impress your date, reserve the private dining pier pictured.
Stijn Floren
02:58 28 Jan 20
Got this as a tip from a fellow fine dining enthusiast and didn't regret it. We were 4 people and each ordered 2 smaller dishes (really enjoyed the duck and the goat cheese!). Later we shared the bbq red snapper which was a real treat. The service was really friendly although dropped the ball a little left and right. But that's really the only improvement area I would mention. We paid 384$. Since we also took champagne, a 50$ bottle of wine and some coffee and spirits in the end, I consider that good value for money.
Maria F
07:44 06 Jan 20
One of the food highlights of my trip to Bonaire! The food here is definitely out of this world and the staff pay attention to detail. Word of caution, the booking website is only in Dutch. We almost missed out reservation having erroneously booked it for the day we were leaving but the staff were lovely enough to re-accommodate us on a different day on very short notice. The view from the outside is also spectacular!
09:11 09 Jun 19
What a new gem on the island!! Stellar place!! We've eaten at many places around the world but have to give it to Brass Boer for serving up absolutely heavenly entrees!! Everything was good..there wasn't anything really we could complain about. They were out of a particular wine so they gave us another option at the same price.The setting is absolutely beautiful!! A perfect place for a romantic night out or a foodie excursion. You get what you pay for!Definitely a must-visit when you are on Bonaire. Make sure to reserve ahead of time bc they tend to fill up fast!
matty p
13:18 27 May 19
A little on the pricey side, but tasty, beach front food and drink can be found here. Their cocktails are quite good, but can take some time to prepare depending on how busy the bar is, so it's worth it to batch up your drink orders if you're with a group. If you're doing a night dive at Delfin's Reef this is a convenient choice for dinner once you're done.
Rob vd B
22:20 26 Mar 19
Nice to finally have another real good restaurant on Bonaire! Great casual and professional staff. Not to formal and not to casual. Just right!
Ariel Turner
20:14 01 Mar 19
One of the best dining experiences we have ever had. The atmosphere could not be better: beautiful setting, nicely appointed, with comfortable and cozy seating throughout and clever uses of space. The food is beautiful, well-plated and tasty with a real depth of flavors. Perfect proportions. The staff is friendly and attentive: greeted us with warm smiles and kept our water and wine glasses full. Fantastic meal.
Eric van de Keuken
10:11 28 Feb 19
We went to "The Roast". An event were most food is prepared on bbq or green egg.The evening started at 1800 and we left at 2200. Thoroughly enjoyed this!Duck, fish, watermelon with gin and meat were just a small selection of the delicious culinary treats that we were served.Highly recommended!
Craig Falls
20:51 16 Oct 18
Petra Marrenga-Vos
03:39 23 Sep 18
Geweldig restaurant, zo lekker gegeten, mooie wijnen, vriendelijk personeel en een fantastisch uitzicht. Zeker een aanrader.
Michel Hobrecker
12:04 11 Aug 18
Proberen het net even anders te doen. Eten is lekker, keuze voldoende. Locatie is uniek.
Annelies Butter
15:41 20 Jul 18
Heerlijk gegeten en een prachtig uitzicht op de Caribische zee!
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With pride and joy, we, Jonnie & Thérèse Boer, welcome you in our beach restaurant Brass Boer on Bonaire

Breeze ‘n Bites

Angela Siler Fisher
01:38 12 Mar 19
Excellent outdoor dining is a fun start, but below average food at ridiculously high prices with super slow service sent our family directly to KFC Bonaire looking for post dinner eats. 😆
Noritza Rosalia Martis
14:14 06 Nov 18
For seafood lovers, good food with vieuw over the sea.
Oscar Arts
11:51 11 Jul 18
Great place
Colleen Chapple
01:38 21 Feb 18
Great food and view!
Mercedes Engelhardt
23:55 04 Feb 18
Had as lunch the fish sandwich with tartar sauce... loved it
Dustin Norlund
20:07 17 Jan 18
Good lunch menu
Jenna Lawrence
01:56 31 Aug 17
Both our dinner and the service were fantastic.
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Breezes N´ Bites is an intimate waterfront restaurant located at Den Laman Condominiums. Enjoy the incredible views from our waterfront terrace.

Joe’s Restaurant

20:43 21 Apr 19
incredible food! the schnitzel with the mushroom sauce was amazing. great appetizers and large portions. my favourite restaurant on the island for sure.
Mark R Brady
Mark R Brady
14:17 25 Mar 19
This is a great restaurant. It's a Dutch restaurant that serves very good food. It has a great selection of craft beer. I had the fish of the day that was Cod. It was very good. This place is casual dress but it is definitely a 5 star restaurant.
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson
02:51 07 Feb 19
A delicious, relaxing meal to sit down at and thoroughly enjoy. The fresh baked bread starter was the perfect compliment to our meal. The service from Tatum was top notch, treating us like royalty. The menu was carefully curated to satisfy any dietary desire. Excellent drink and wine menu from local and abroad. By far one of the best dining experiences Bonaire has to offer.
Gijs Sudmeijer
Gijs Sudmeijer
20:29 04 Feb 19
Excellent place and great food. We had the 'catch of the day' and it was delicious and more than enough. The lady who waited our table looked a little 'stiff' in the beginning but turned out to be quite funny. I just wish they had the same view as Sebastian's which is at the shore.
Greg Custer
Greg Custer
12:00 27 Jan 19
Absolutely amazing. The service was incredible, our waitress literally anticipated our every need. The food was so good it was as though it was making sweet love to my mouth.
Ed Brockenbrough
Ed Brockenbrough
16:53 18 Oct 18
Friendly staff... Super fresh seafood
Lori Sevin
Lori Sevin
23:43 24 Sep 18
Outstanding service, outstanding food and playing, outstanding desserts, outstanding prices!
Jack Scott
Jack Scott
01:17 26 Jun 18
Excellent food and service. Upscale, with outdoor dining. Don't let the name fool you.
Bryan Noll
Bryan Noll
09:16 12 Feb 18
And I thought I was stopping for burgers and fries....nope... high class food. Very good. The sirloin was the bomb! Waitress was nice.
Ian Kaplan
Ian Kaplan
18:17 23 Jan 18
To me, the name Joe's Grillhouse suggested a place that served ribs and other grilled meats. In fact, Joe's is much more. They have excellent fish, tuna sashimi and other dishes are served at "fine dining" restaurants with fancier names.I had both the sashimi and the baby back pork ribs, which were prepared in the "dry rub" style. Two of my fellow diners had the fish of the day, which was fantastic and another one had the steak. My friend pronounced Joe's steak as one of the best steak he had ever eaten.Joe's great food is complemented by a large selection of craft beers, many from the Netherlands. I can unreservedly recommend that you "Eat at Joe's". You'll have a great time.
Bas Nijmeijer
Bas Nijmeijer
19:34 06 Nov 17
Super service, great atmosphere planing to come back soon. Love that the chef comes into the restaurant
Joe S
Joe S
19:53 16 Oct 17
Some of the best food on the island in an upscale setting. Wasn't thrilled that when paying the check we noticed we were charged $5.00 for the extra bread that we ordered at the table. Two small loafs of bread for 6 people doesn't go very far and another loaf or two should be happily provided complimentary to large groups. At a minimum the extra charge should be disclosed when the bread was ordered to prevent surprises. Otherwise, this review would have been 5 stars.
Sapphira Coffie
Sapphira Coffie
04:00 02 Aug 17
The food is good and there is a children corner. Ideal place for families with kids because the parents can eat while children play. Joe"s has an outstanding bread served as entree!
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Over the past few years Joe’s became a restaurant with a broad international menu offering great service in combination with high quality dishes.

Hang Out Beachbar

John Vu
21:36 05 May 19
Right at Jibe City.Cool vibes.Good food.Great view to the Bay watching world class freestyle windsurfers put in a show while you eat (typically after 5pm is when they come out to play)
Stephan Caïtucoli
10:52 23 Apr 19
Nice place however the serveur was not so friendly when we asked the drinks card. She reacted like if we should order an Heineken, as everyone. She looked in a hurry and made us feel unconfortable while choosing our order: waiting next to us, showing signs of exasperation...
Espen Larsen
08:54 11 Apr 19
A really cool place, good food and it's right on the beach with a beautiful view. Windsurfers paradise.
GetWindsurfing Windsurf
08:54 02 Apr 19
Awesome ace to hangout in Bonaire. Great food and unique veiws 👌
Polly Copleston
14:24 15 Feb 19
Great location, friendly staff and good food. Laid back - no rush.
Franky Gosal
11:02 26 Jun 18
Very nice beachhut
Hugo Pesman
23:11 21 Apr 18
Nice beachbar
Bryan Noll
09:18 12 Feb 18
If your in Bonaire you have to stop here and check it out
Tamara K
20:07 13 Jan 18
The Hippie Juice was amazing, great presentation and the Italian sandwich, toasted, was great too! The service was good too!
Piotr Orłowski
17:32 03 Jan 18
Beautiful landscape, nice nature, and could , good beer.
Lee Balmer
12:21 14 May 17
Interesting location on the island. Food was better than average. Mainly for windsurfing. Beach was basically non existent in front of the hut, water had several areas roped off to stay out of.
Olav Hola
13:03 07 Feb 17
Nice bar for drinks or lunch. Don't expect best food, but nice laid-back atmosphere. And beautiful view on the blue ocean
Christopher Tezak
07:23 02 Oct 16
We ate here a couple of days during our stay on the island. The food is average, but the location is pretty awesome. Watching wind surfers and having a few Amstel Brights is not a bad way to spend a sunny afternoon. The full moon party, on the other hand, is a can't miss attraction if you are on the island at that time of the month. The place was jam packed with a local dutch crowd with a solid DJ spinning dance and EDM on the beach side setting. With the crowds they have you buy food/drink tokens ahead of time, which was convenient. Definitely a unique experience on the island. Double plus if you can actual get a moon rising when they throw the party.
DJ Schleich
17:10 23 Dec 15
Nice beach bar on the east side of the island. They have a popular BBQ on Thursdays, make a reservation.
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Do you want to spend a day and night like never before? Go sunbathing, eating and dancing at the Hang Out Beach Bar at Lac Bay


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K Nelson
21:17 21 Feb 20
Best pizza on the island and drink as strong as necessary. Setting is sea side and beautiful..views for every desire! Go you wont b disappointed!
Maideline Martijn
00:00 31 Dec 19
They serve delicious burgers
Keith Dalton
01:47 13 Aug 19
I have been traveling to Bonaire since 1991 and have been staying at Buddy Dive since 2015. Blennies is one of the on-site restaurants where you can eat lunch or dinner. Great atmosphere, fantastic view of the ocean, and delightful Dutch waiters/waitresses. Don’t expect to have speedy service, but then again you’re on an island and on vacation. Make sure to visit the other on property restaurant....Ingredients.
Mattias Jonsson
20:24 06 Jul 19
Great food, good atmosphere. I won't eat here every night when staying at Buddy Dive, but it's a great fallback.
Tanya Shattuck
00:59 14 May 19
Fantastic happy hour and dinner was superb. The location and sunset was fantastic.
Eric Damhuis
18:31 02 Dec 18
Good food and good and quick service . Nice place to be. Steaks are very good.
Adventure In Dive
14:48 21 Nov 18
The best
Rodger Spangler
14:30 16 Oct 18
Great friends
Alvanir Oliveira
00:08 08 Sep 18
Muito bem servido. Por do sol fantastico. Pratos deliciosos. Hambúrguer, peixes, cervejas, sensacional. Piscina ao lado do bar. Música ao vivo alguns dias da semana. Sexta feira sempre um churasco.
Bert Westerhoff
20:30 24 Apr 18
Restaurant Blennies bij Buddy Dive is een echte aanrader om op vrijdag van het barbecue buffet te eten! Heerlijk eten en leuk personeel. Je kan er overigens ook lekker lunchen of een drankje drinken aan de bar tijdens Happy Hour!
Freek Kalsbeek
21:25 08 Mar 18
Blennies is onderdeel van Buddy Dive Resort en biedt een prachtig uitzicht over de baai en het eiland Klein Bonaire. We hebben er prima gedineerd met de ondergaande zon als getuige.
Daan Roosemaal
18:22 19 Dec 17
Great place to hang out for lunch or dinner! They recently renewed their menu, quality of food and presentation is really good. Staff is very welcoming and friendly! Ooh and definitely try their BBQ on Friday!
Seth Zirin
02:04 10 Oct 17
Dining by the dive pier.
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Visit with friends at Blennies Restaurant Bonaire and recapture the day’s events while enjoying refreshing tropical drinks

Ingridiënts Restaurant

theo hos
14:03 18 Feb 20
Good food much better service beautiful view
jason holmes
16:40 11 Dec 19
Food is ok but the wait for dinner was two hours; excessive even by island time standards. We complained to the manager who agreed to give us a 50% discount on the bill. Still waiting to see the adjustment on my card.
Maree McMinn
14:21 09 Nov 19
Gorgeous open air spot in the water. Be sure to have plenty of are on island time after all and no one is in a enjoy the pace.Spicy seafood pasta was tasty (it is spicy) but very good. The ceviche was nice and the burrata was a little under seasoned and a bit over dressed for my taste, but it is still burrata 😁The snapper was fresh but a smidge over cooked with some lovely veggies on the side. We skipped dessert in favor of other island options.
Rene Groot
13:32 07 Aug 19
Yesterday we had dinner at Ingrediënts Restaurant. What a lovely place! We had a table at the seaside. That was awesome! About the menu card: very good. So much options, even for vegetarians . The quality of the food: terrific. The only thing we were not that positive about is the service. Although we were there for just one hour, we had 3 different waiters serving us. One of them was kind and smiling, the other two seemed like they didn’t have fun in their job or so. Anyway, we enjoyed the (vegetarian) food and the wonderful location that we gave 4 stars anyway. René & Menekşe
02:00 09 May 19
Food was ok. Service was satisfactory.
Troy Nichols
16:45 27 Mar 19
We were lucky enough to get a seaside table on Valentines day during our recent vacation and found the experience awesome. Look at the sunset in the photos and you can appreciate the beauty. The food here was very good and I found my steak to be mouth watering and tender, It was aged in salt water. The shrimp we ordered was also very good, the meal was all together good and this is a must stop for a fine dining experience during your vacation. I found the prices very reasonable and the service top notch. Our waitress was the best, very friendly and right on keeping our drinks full. This is a must stop, we truly enjoyed ourselves.
Adam bublitz
02:43 26 Mar 19
The entrees were good, but not that special in comparison to the other great restaurants available. The service was way too slow.
Stefano Barbier
17:35 15 Jul 18
We got the tuna 2.0, eel and scallop, sous vide red snapper, and pomegranate desert and each dish was very tasty. This restaurant separates itself from others on the island with its gastronomic take on cooking (sous vide, foams etc). He open kitchen allowed us to see the kitchen staff in action and there was a lot of time taken on playing and presentation. I was very impressed with the kitchen itself. From my table I could see a brick oven and a small big green egg. The waitress we had was extremely friendly and hospitable.
John Wheby
21:44 19 Apr 18
Great food and excellent service. Really liked the amount of vegetarian items on the menu. Awesome atmosphere.
Tiny Crietee
11:57 31 Mar 18
The ambiance is v erry good. The serving is also good.we have an v erry and a nice evening.that was mine meaning. 😊😊
David Lesley
03:16 14 Mar 18
We were 6 people and had a reservation so no issues. Great food, table right beside the water. No delays in food delivery in Feb 2018. Must try is the parmesan pasta with truffles cooked inside the cheese wheel. Aside from it tasting great the presentation is spectacular as it is flambe. Not a cheap restaurant but worth it for that special occasion. However, beware you could end up beside a table with cigarette smokers.
Beverly Martis
02:31 14 Aug 17
Everything was lovely from beginning till the end. Starting with the cocktail I ordered, a local cactus liquor (Cadushy) topped off with sparkling wine and lime was delicious and very Bonairian! All the way to the 43 liquor infused dessert. Major hospitality points should be awarded to the waitress who showed me exactly how to make the Cadushy cocktail!I'm definitely going back for some more cocktails & treats. P.S. The view is to die for!
Amalia Hilderbrand
15:15 08 Aug 17
Excellent food and service. We had the special dinner option which included lionfish. We had never had it before and it was soft and buttery. I had the lamb and it was cooked perfectly. The views of the ocean are also wonderful.
Mary-Jane Obispo
15:47 03 Aug 17
For a delicious steak, Cozy and romantic restaurant on Bonaire, Ingredients is the BEST.They also have delicious Pasta.
Yuqiong Zhou
13:30 16 Oct 16
Tried the special game dinner on our first day of arrival - tomato soup with beef meatball, grilled duck, croak pot wild boar, with the locally produced Bonaire blonde beer. Food was cooked well and aptly flavored. The view of the water (west side of Bonaire) is of course beyond words.
Chicago Diver
02:35 25 Sep 16
Truffle pasta Parmesan is amazing. As are the seafood entrees. Lion fish if you're lucky. Atmosphere is relaxing and relatively upscale but we were in shorts and tee shirts and were not uncomfortable.
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Our focus is to use local fresh ingredients with dishes inherent to the Mediterranean cuisine, using the basic principles of French, Spanish and Italian cooking

Spice Beach Club

Erik Kamp
01:11 07 May 19
Beautiful view on the sunset and little Bonaire.Staff is friendly, but not that busy to serve sometimes.
Daniel D
10:16 22 Apr 19
Great place to chill, good sea access. Native staff is great, Dutch staff a bit grumpy though.
Steve Metz
12:56 16 Feb 19
Excellent amenities with snorkeling access off a shared pier. They will give you bread to feed the fish and they are simply crazy I'm quantity and variety. Took this as a 3 hour excursion while on RC Freedom and it was well worth it.
James Beeby
03:47 10 Jan 19
Lovely beach with good facilities. Ferry terminal being right there is a bit annoying with large amounts of people walking through. We ordered coffee from the bar and the coffee was absolutely awful. Like dish water.
Simon Bonaire
13:39 10 Jul 18
Nice place to chill in the weekends offten live music
Elizabeth Taber
01:23 21 Apr 18
Nice place for a drink and to catch the ferry. Not much of a path for a mobility scooter though.
Tim Barsotti
19:50 02 Mar 18
Great place for cold drinks and lunch or dinner. Ferry for Klein Bonaire is right there off the dock or snorkel right there, lots of fish to see.
Cindy Carlsson
00:25 23 Jan 18
Excellent food tight above the beach. Lovely steak fillet beautifully seasoned and cooked. Same for the veggies. Wonderful tasting potatoes, but hard and undercooked. Great mojito too! Not a cheap dinner, but not too expensive and well worth it.
Luca Bono
21:32 01 Dec 17
Very nice Bar and restaurant, I had amazing sushi and cocktail here.The location is amazing! Must go here!
Alvin Bakker
19:26 24 Nov 17
It's nice there but the service lacks a bit
Joseph Rutherford
13:06 16 Nov 17
Very nice resort but no beach, you had to dive off a dock to swim or snorkel. Drink prices reasonable.
Jordan Lorence
20:24 26 Sep 17
Beautiful beach. Bring swim goggles, the water is amazing.
Sam Cantineau
15:45 13 Aug 17
Food is great. Service is always quick and kind. It's great in combination with a snorkel/dive spot just in front of their beach. Furthermore it's one of the places to be on Friday night.
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On the Caribbean coast, located at the Eden beach Resort, the beach, the pool, the beach bar, restaurant and lounge bar form Spice Beach Club!

Hillside Apartments Restaurant

Eduard Vallejo
03:34 24 Mar 19
Nice hotel,all in one place!
Sarinca Janga
23:48 22 Feb 19
Friendly and attentive bar staff. Cozy place.
Joan Smit
18:11 16 Feb 19
The food is great again (finally!) The servers are all lovely people, but a bit more attention to needs like drink refills and when to bring the bill would be welcome. Not fun to have to chase them down multiple times during what should be a relaxing night out.
Bart Brouwer
00:19 04 Jan 19
They have some really good "oliebollen" a Dutch treat with new years ev
Eric van de Keuken
00:40 07 Dec 18
Large and comfortable rooms, great amenities and large selection in F&B
Erik Wichhart
23:18 25 Jun 18
A perfect birthday party
Elton Johnson
21:57 23 Jun 18
They changed the menu, not to fond of it. Service got worse.
Hugo Pesman
23:03 21 Apr 18
Great for weekends with kids
Maryke Elsenhout
13:23 04 Apr 18
Nice place to swim
Madaline Werleman
11:58 14 Jan 18
This is a hotel appartment in the center of the Island of Bonaire. @ a hight that you can almost see the whole Island
Mila Sintjago
20:21 26 Nov 17
The children love it!
Alvin Bakker
19:26 24 Nov 17
Nice and clean place to stay
Ian Kaplan
13:22 20 Oct 17
The Hillside Restaurant and Apartments are a quiet gem on Bonaire.Some friends told us about the weekly specials at the Hillside Restaurant on Bonaire. Although we have been visiting Bonaire frequently for a couple of years and living here full time for four months, we had not visited the Hillside Restaurant.We went for the "curry shrimp" special on Thursday night. The food was very good and the price was reasonable. There are other weekly specials, we're told, like Tuna Tuesdays.The restaurant and the apartments (which are rented daily/weekly to people visiting bonaire) is located in an area of Bonaire called "Laguna Hills". The restaurant and bar is located in front of the apartments. The bar overlooks the pool and a spectacular view over the West coast of Bonaire.
Dave Boschma
20:14 12 Oct 17
Excellent stay, nice appartments, friendly and helpful staff, great pool and bar/restaurant.
Kryno Bosman
12:41 19 Mar 17
First time ever here. Service is awesome. View is great. The rooms are great. The food is delicious.
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Our chef will provide you with the best comfort food from over the world. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At Sea

Edmon allen
14:02 27 Apr 19
Best by far restaurant on bonaire. Get the surprise coursed menu!
Ridgely Duvall
02:13 26 Apr 19
Well presented, flavoury dishes that also somehow seem unprepossessing. Staff is attentive, but not overbearing. There's a lot of good places to eat on Bonaire these days...
J Hinton
13:43 21 Apr 19
Excellent food and service. Not cheap, but reasonable for what’s delivered.
Linda Mckenna
01:36 03 Jan 19
Service is outstanding, secret menu was fantastic! One of the best restaurants we experienced in Bonaire! This is our favourite dining experience in Bonaire!!!
Justin C
03:17 22 Nov 18
Great location, setting and ambiance, we tried the surprise 4 course meal with wine pairings and it was excellent. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable, they explained every course and each wine. The whole point of a surprise meal is that you try new things, and we loved the flavors they put together, it was a really pleasant experience. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a fine dining experience on Bonaire.
21:10 05 Jul 18
Our experience was marred by the locals congregating, blasting music and doing burnouts. Otherwise this is a beautiful place to eat. The service was good but the food missed the mark. It's trying hard to be a 5 star foodie place but the flavors didn't quite reach that level. My wife's fish was overcooked and my surprise courses, while flavorful and interesting felt a bit crowded with many different powerful tastes on each course.
Jack Scott
11:28 28 Jun 18
Awesome food and service. Had the tuna, and it was the best tuna I ever had. Everyone in our party was impressed.
Katarzyna Cieryt
01:52 22 Apr 18
If you are a foodie this restaurant is a must. We enjoyed this restaurant so much on our vacation that we went back. Both times the food was superb and the service was impeccable. I would recommend trying the "surprise menu" which comes in 3, 4, 5 or 6 courses. We had the "surprise menu" both times and each time it was deliciously unique. Oh, you can add a wine pairing to your meal as well. Our server was very knowledgeable with the wine selection. Hands down this is the best restaurant in Bonaire.
Samantha Boucher
19:24 14 Dec 17
The food was amazing! I came as part of a group of 13 and the staff were so friendly and accommodating for us. Service was excellent. The outdoor dining space is beautiful and peaceful, even with the large cruise ships in the background! Our group had kids, non-foodies and die hard, intensely critical foodies (my chef boyfriend and I), and all of us left impressed and satiated, except the kids, who were asleep. We will definitely come back next time we are on the island!
John Mertz
19:05 06 Dec 17
Excellent appitizers and main courses. Too full for dessert. They also have their "surprise" menus. 3,4 and 5 course meals where you just tell them what you don't want.
Adam Vaughn
16:18 16 Nov 17
Dined here my last night on the island. Great experience. I am not a foodie but I really enjoyed what these folks had to offer. It was not very busy the evening we were there so the wait staff was incredibly attentive. I suggest choosing the surprise menu, if you're not too picky. I selected the 3-course Surprise menu and it did not disappoint!
Marijke Wilhelmus Rob Landman
15:14 02 Nov 17
We had dinner during the Bonaire Blond Restaurant week. Nothing but praise for the excellent three course dinner with excellent wine. The service was also very good! The only downside was the traffic from the lorry's but I would still rate it a 5!
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Restaurant At Sea is situated on the promenade of Bonaire with striking views of the Caribbean Sea. We Strive to make your evening one out of a million!

Your Restaurant

Michael Henson
01:00 03 Jul 18
Food was good. I had the guinea foul. The sauce was good and the cut was tender. Portion sizes lacked. The foul comes with a small portion veggies but that's it. Be you definitely needed a side. Wasn't really sure about the size differences between the small sharing portion and the larger portion for the veggy ceviche and salads. You do get a great beef tar tar that was delicious as part of all the meals . Overall, it was good. Their fish options were okay but lacked a local feel especially for a place called it rains fishes. Wish they would have more sustainable fish options as well as lion fish.
Zach Timmons
00:14 15 Jun 18
It had good food and the people were very friendly
Josh Timmons
00:12 15 Jun 18
Very good and not terrible prices. Good beach view and friendly staff
Suzanne Miladin
14:04 12 Jun 18
It Rains Fishes came highly recommended from several people that have been going to Bonaire for a long time. The restaurant sits overlooking the water in an open air, newly renovated building. Beautiful view! The food, mostly fresh sea food, was fantastic! This restaurant lives up to its billing!
Stephan Caïtucoli
17:31 18 Apr 18
Nice food, cosy atmosphere and a great2 view to the sea which is next door... Staff is friendly. The choice of fish was however a little disappointing on that day (only tuna).
00:56 03 Apr 18
This was a great meal. Very small portions and pricey, but great food, perfect service, and a very upscale atmosphere. A good place for a fancy dinner.
Mauro G
21:54 27 Mar 18
I just had a beer at the sunset. nice location in front of the sea, neithear a casual place nor an upscale place. Friendly people, cold beer for 3,5 dollars.
rogier vanderoord
16:02 19 Mar 18
Good food, pleasant atmosphere, friendly service.
Stormie Keith
11:22 15 Mar 18
Great food, great staff, great experience. We will return!
Andy OGrady
21:03 10 Mar 18
Great location. Too few staff with result that service though pleasant was very slow.
Kolos Kovacs
10:23 31 Jan 18
Excellent place, good food, friendly staff. Clean, reasonably priced.
Menno Kardolus
20:15 25 Jan 18
Nice place, friendly personal, some good dishes like the sashimi from fresh tuna. Fish salad is on the small side, you could say little overpriced.
Guus Meijer
15:19 21 Jan 18
Can be a bit crowded. Service is good. Food is good. Had some very good wine en G&T. Coffee is great.
Winona Eichelberger
11:34 04 Jan 18
Very friendly staff. The service was good remember its all on Island time.
Hanna Sepsick
23:51 27 Dec 17
The service was outstanding. The waitress was so lively and hilarious but sadly the fish of the day was plainly cooked and the rest of the meal although good was not great. However, the filet mignon was wonderful and the restaurant gave us an appetizer on the house of salmon mousse (I thought was delicious but the other members of my party had different views). Overall, happy I ate here and would recommend to a friend 🙂
Vincent Hendrik Evers
03:28 12 Dec 17
Caribbean Hot spot for eating fish
03:54 07 Dec 17
We enjoyed multiple lunches and a dinner here during our stay on the island. I would reccommend making reservations ahead of time if you are able. If not, the staff is friendly and you can sit at the bar sipping on delicious mojitos until a table opens up.The lobster risotto was out of this world and the seafood pasta was outstanding. Even the mini hamburgers were delicious if that's what you're in the mood for.If you're of legal drinking age and looking for an adult beverage, I'd reccommend the banana collada or mojito.
Marijke Wilhelmus Rob Landman
16:45 03 Aug 17
We like going there for lunch! It is lovely to see the boats come and to enjoy the soft wind. The food is always nice! We like the dutch specialty Dutch kroketten. They have slow but fun services. The girls always laugh and smile!
Joe Montoya
19:04 28 Feb 17
This is a great restaurant right on the water. Beautiful views and delicious fresh sea food. I had the catch of the day, which was red snapper and it was very good. It was literally caught this morning and brought from the boat 10 minutes before I ordered. Being from Colorado, I do not ever get sea food that fresh, so it was quite the treat.
Christopher Tezak
08:01 02 Oct 16
We saw all the good reviews for It Rains Fishes and were looking forward to dinner. The food wasn't bad, but definitely on the high side for prices and the quality could be found at other places. We had try to go on the Fish Market night, but we missed it being too late. We were also surprised as the fish market was actually directed at European imports rather than local stuff (though that's on the menu all the time). The service was ok and the view was nice for sunsets, but the food was not memorable.
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A great restaurant with a beautiful view over the Caribbean Sea, located on the boulevard in the center of Kralendijk on Bonaire

Beer and Burgers Bonaire

John Mitchell
00:09 08 Aug 19
Great tasty food. Reasonably priced. Freshly cooked
Donna Swenson
14:52 31 Jul 19
Casual dining. Good food and friendly staff
21:17 15 Jul 19
Sensationally tasty homemade Burger and crispy Fries. Super friendly service
Mark R Brady
14:04 29 Mar 19
If you want a very good Burger and some cold beer, this is the place. The staff was very very nice, a real pleasure to talk to. Great selection of burgers, cold beer, great prices. You eat with the locals.
Mike Robinson
03:48 08 Feb 19
You're family when you come to Beer and Burgers. The food was amazing and hit the spot for our craving of a good down home burger. Order the onion rings they were some of the best we have ever had. Nice cold beers and excellent portion sizes. Laura and her mom run the one of the best restaurants on Bonaire and we can't wait to come back again and again.
loyal money jonathan pekeri
03:58 20 Jun 18
Good burgers and fries and so many drinks to chose from
Kevin Toews
05:16 21 Feb 18
May very well be the best burger I've ever had!
Kelly Opel
16:50 11 Feb 18
5 stars! Delicious burgers, especially the homemade veggie burger made with lentils. Sooo delicious homemade garlic sauce
Dean Dingwall
21:37 31 Jan 18
Really enjoyed the meals and atmosphere, the staff were great!!!
Jose Duran
03:43 22 Jan 18
Its cool and relaxing spot to hang with some friends day or night...nice and mellow corner.
Micha Koster
11:10 10 Jan 18
Fair prices for the beer, and the preparation of the burgers was extremely fast.
Thomas Keegan
16:31 14 Oct 17
Great burgers and other snacks. Staff was super friendly also. Will be back again!
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The best burgers in town! Beer & Burgers is a casual, family-friendly neighborhood restaurant, serving Bonaire’s best burgers, fries and beer.

Chibi Chibi

Johnpa Sender
17:55 25 Oct 18
Perfect and relaxed place to lunch.
Alfred Leito
14:47 08 Oct 18
Nice place
Bud Grohs
20:20 08 Jun 18
Love this restaurant & the Divi Flamingo Resort Bonaire!
benjamin fermin
18:21 23 May 18
Excellent place
Shaneeza Seenauth
02:16 20 Dec 17
Cynthia Murphy
21:24 29 Oct 17
So here is the deal....lovely wonderful people.... good food... good service but don't believe that anything on the menu is local even though the menu says "local" it is not....we specifically asked about . If you value local sustainable food and local fis is not in this restaurant for is all frozen and shipped in. Therefore my 3 star rating. Also watch out for food allergies. Salad listed said hazelnuts but it came with Walnuts .....a death sentence for my husband without medical help
Scott Kelly
01:30 23 Oct 17
Went for lunch today with a group of 10. Great menu choices, fast service, great views and reasonable prices. No complaints from the entire group.
Francois W Gagnon
14:42 05 Feb 17
Good food by the sea. Watch the parrot fish as you eat.
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Chibi Chibi is an open-air, waterfront restaurant located at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort. Open for lunch and dinner daily, the newly renovated Chibi Chibi is a colorful, romantic gathering spot

Rum Runners

Joshua Reynolds
20:19 20 Feb 20
We were looking for a place to have lunch while we were exploring Bonaire and we saw their sign while cruising in our golf carts. Glad we stopped here. We couldn't have asked for a better place for lunch. The food we ordered was fabulous. Nothing over the top, just great tasting and a decent proportion. One thing to add is the views of the ocean here are perfect. Such a peaceful place to eat and enjoy a drink with friends. Good amount of normal car parking but might be a bit busier on the weekend. Don't bypass this place.
theo hos
14:04 18 Feb 20
Very good food excellent service amazing view
Kate Butler
17:44 07 Feb 20
We live on Bonaire and Rum Runners is our go-to restaurant for ourselves and when we have visitors. We tell ourselves whenever we want to remember why we moved here, we eat at Rum Runners. It's directly on the ocean and every table has an ocean view.The food is terrific. Wide variety of dishes, and we think they do the best burgers on the island. You can also get fajitas, great pizza, steaks, chicken, fish and pasta. Prices are reasonable and the staff is terrific. Most of them have been there for years. We're there every Wednesday night, a standing date with our friends.They also do buffet nights, and Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. There is a separate bar there and their gift shop stays open late. We think they have the best souvenirs on the island and frequently wander in there after dinner. During high season it's smart to make a reservation for dinner. At lunch you can just walk in.
Kathy Talley
01:00 12 Jul 19
Not much of a fan. The food is pricey but nothing to brag about. Went back for a 2nd time for stone grilled pizza, again, not all that.
Simon Bonaire
13:42 10 Jul 18
Beautifull place to enjoy dinner. Youll sit on a cliff and in the water you will see big fishes in the water!
Zach Timmons
23:18 15 Jun 18
Good food. The quesadillas were really good! I did have an empty water glass for most of the visit, and nobody came to refill it.
Suzanne Miladin
14:49 07 Jun 18
Simply the best bar b que we have had anywhere! Claire, Flores, and the rest of the team have put together an amazing and diverse menu. The ambience is wonderful; outdoor seating overlooking the water with tiki torches. Kelby, at the bar, is not a bartender. He is a culinary genius! He creates unique drinks from scratch that are fantastic! Best drinks our family has had anywhere in the world! If you go to Bonaire, you need to go to Rum Runners!
Theresa Lieb
13:14 21 May 18
Always fresh and made to your liking. Reasonable prices and very friendly staff.
Ian Kaplan
21:01 11 Apr 18
Rum Runners is the restaurant at Captain Don's Habitat Resource. The restaurant is located on a large concrete patio that is right above the ocean. My wife says that she thinks that they have the best hamburgers on the Island. They have a variety of other dishes, ranging from pizza to fajitas. The prices are reasonable and the service is friendly. This is a great place to go when you're in the mood for a good, simple, reasonably priced meal.
Patrick Chaney
20:21 10 Mar 18
Pizza is stone cooked and thin. It was hard and overcooked twice. Moderately high in cost without added value. Restaurant separate from resort so you have to have separate credit card imprint, mc or visa to have account there. Can pay final bill with am ex. Many places on island not taking AMX.
Mirko Wächter
21:27 05 Feb 18
Great view, good prices, average food, service a little slow
Guus Meijer
21:58 18 Jan 18
Great place for breakfast. Astonishing ocean view.
Edwin Peterzen
17:33 16 Dec 17
Their private stoke rum is the best!
Alan Clegg
00:49 24 Aug 17
Great restaurant on the grounds of Capt. Don's Habitat, but not related to the resort.Good, reasonably priced food served by friendly and helpful staff. I'm looking forward to coming back and I've not left yet!
Amalia Hilderbrand
03:32 16 Aug 17
Great views and a lively bar. Service was quick and friendly. The food was average. We had each of their special menu items: carrots soup, dorado, and steak. Carrots soup was very good, but the steak was rather bland.
Matt Baker
14:40 04 Jul 17
Good is great. The sunset views are spectacular. Come for the food, stay for the sunset, stay later for the Tarpon.
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Rum Runner’s Restaurant is oceanfront dining at its best. The experienced chefs and waiters in this idyllic setting ensure that all meals are a true pleasure


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Bert Frisbee
22:34 27 Sep 19
Simon Bonaire
22:12 25 Sep 19
Best fries on the island! And just as good as an dutch snackbar!
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Wattaria is the only real “snack bar” Fastfood Restaurant on Bonaire. Taste all kinds of delicious snacks. Try the best Burgers, Softdrinks and Icecream.

Kite City

Diane Reeves
17:54 18 Jul 19
Extremely friendly, the fresh seafood is so delicious I didn’t want it to end. I could eat here every day!
Tyler Suggett
21:19 14 Jul 19
Love this spot. Great food and staff. Definitely will be back!
Renee Lloyd
02:34 21 Jun 19
Food was AMAZING! One of the best chicken burgers I have ever had. The staff was so so kind, and one of them connected with us about music and we had a lovely chat about his playlist. We will absolutely return!
matty p
12:49 27 May 19
Food truck just south of the airport, with a nice beach front location. Food is tasty and the staff was friendly. Shade is limited at the site, so bring some sunscreen.
Raphael Tymowski
16:45 02 Mar 19
Wonderful people, great food, especially the "catch of the day" sandwiches. Great place to grab a bite after some diving. Or while waiting for your flight at the airport, which is a 5 minute walk away
Stefano Barbier
01:41 16 Jul 18
This was the best fish sandwich I’ve had on the island. The mahi mahi was cooked perfectly the buns were nicely toasted and the homemade tartar sauce was very good. The location is very nice right on a sandy beach by hr airport with a view of Klein Bonaire.
Maarten K
02:44 06 Jun 18